22.11.2019 Merano Dialogues with Helmut Zingerle: South Tirol – Land of addictions?

Addiction has many faces. Even in South Tyrol. Drug use is on the rise, but the number one drug in this province remains alcohol. New forms of addiction are also emerging, such as internet addiction, cell phone addiction, and shopping addiction. Is South Tyrol held hostage by addiction? And where does South Tyrol stand when compared to other places?

Helmut Zingerle, a renowned addiction expert, can answer these questions. Already at the age of 17, he wanted to become a psychologist and help people suffering from addiction. Today, almost fifty years later, his profession still fascinates him. For 18 years, psychologist and psychotherapist Zingerle ran the Bad Bachgart Therapy Center in Rodengo. He has been retired since October 1, but his work is not yet finished.