28.05.2021 Merano Dialogues with Christoph Franceschini: South-Tyrol as a magnet for secret services after World War II

The book author Christoph Franceschini as a guest at the Merano Dialogues.

The recently published book by journalist Christoph Franceschini sheds a completely new light on South Tyrol after World War II. The 500-page work, “Geheimdienste, Agenten, Spione. Südtirol im Fadenkreuz fremder Mächte” (Raetia) describes how the city of Bolzano became the scene of transnational operations by U.S., Italian, Austrian and German secret services. But not only – the Czech secret service also hired South Tyroleans as agents, informants and spies.

The reader is constantly torn between incredulous amazement and enthusiastic reading. Franceschini has researched in many archives, evaluated files and presented almost unimaginable events meticulously and grippingly.

In conversation with Eberhard Daum, the author described his work and his insights into a largely unknown chapter of the post-war history of our country on Friday, May 28, 2021 at the Merano Academy as part of the “Dialogues Merano”.