30.11.2018 Merano Dialogues: „Human rights under fire“

The focus of the second edition of the “Merano Dialogues 2018” is the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The anniversary takes place, however, in a climate characterised by certain developments within European society that cast doubt on the universal value of human rights. In the programmes of populist movements, partisan interests, such as national interests, are pitted against the demand for the universality of human rights, creating the impression that only by renouncing the former can the latter be realised. In this sense, human rights are, nowadays, really “under fire”.

In one afternoon, the Merano Dialogues 2018 will feature internationally renowned representatives of politics and law from Italy, Austria and Germany. In their lectures, they will illustrate current developments and events from a historical, theoretical and social perspective. In the concluding debate in the evening, representatives of politics and civil society will discuss current issues and conflicts related to the topic.