18.09.2020 Merano Dialogues with Georg Kaser: The fatal consequences of climate change

As part of the “Dialogues Merano”, Eberhard Daum talks to the glacier and climate researcher Georg Kaser about climate change and its consequences.

“It’s not five to twelve, but twelve o’clock sharp!” This is the central statement of Georg Kaser, the internationally renowned glacier and climate researcher. Mankind is heading with giant strides towards a situation that will be uncontrollable and will have fatal consequences for our planet. Nevertheless, Prof. Kaser avoids scaremongering: “We always work with facts and figures because we hope for human insight and reason.”

Those who dismiss climate change as not being caused by humans are just as barking up the wrong tree as those others who believe there is no alternative to our growth-driven economic model.

Georg Kaser will be a guest at the “Merano Dialogues” of the Academy for German-Italian Studies on Friday, 18 September 2020. The discussion partner is Eberhard Daum. The evening of talks begins at 6 p.m. at Franz-Innerhofer-Strasse 1 (behind “Hotel Palace”) in Merano. For security reasons, only a limited number of seats are available and registration is necessary. The conversation can be followed directly on the Academy’s Facebook page (facebook.com/akademiamerano) and will be available on the Academy’s Youtube channel from 19 September.