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Research project (2014-2017):
“Hermeneutic-phenomenological edition of a selection of Heraclitus’ fragments”

Ivo De Gennaro, Ralf Lüfter (Academy of Merano and Free University of Bozen-Bolzano)
Sergiusz Kazmierski (University of Regensburg)
Gino Zaccaria (Bocconi University Milan)

Short description:
Starting from the fact that after the classical edition of the pre-Socratics by Hermann Diels and Walter Kranz, which follows an alphabetical order, there has been no attempt of interpreting Heraclitus’ sayings in a both systematic and historically undistorted manner, the project aims at the edition of a selection of groups of fragments according to a hermeneutic-phenomenological perspective. The edition involves the translation in German and Italian of groups of sayings, which are seen as related and mutually explanatory following the chosen approach, and the “composition” of these sayings in a unitary context. The latter is not meant to substitute Heraclitus’ lost book, but rather to clarify his sayings in such a way as to make them readable as hints toward the fundamental traits of contemporary philosophical interrogation.

Expected duration:
4 years

Research product:
Ivo De Gennaro, Sergiusz Kazmierski, Ralf Lüfter, Gino Zaccaria, “Verso un’edizione scismatica dei frammenti di Eraclito. Il logos e l’essere (parte I) / Unterwegs zu einer schiedlichen Ausgabe der Fragmente Heraklits. Der Logos und das Sein (1. Teil)”, in: eudia. Annuario di pensiero, poesia e arte, anno 9, dicembre 2015 (= acta academiae maiensis 1).

The following parts are in preparation.

Preparatory work:
I. De Gennaro, S. Kazmierski and G. Zaccaria are authors of scientific monographs and articles on Heraclitus and pre-Socratic thought, including the following:

  • I. De Gennaro, Logos – Heidegger liest Heraklit, Duncker&Humblot, Berlin 2001.
  • ders., Heraklits Fluß-Fragmente, in: W. von der Weppen und B. Zimmermann (Hrsg.), Anfänge der Philosophie – Perspektiven in der Postmoderne, Sokratesstudien Bd. VII, Attempto Verlag, Tübingen 2008, S. 25-48.
  • S. Kazmierski, Die Anaximanderauslegung Heideggers und der Anfang des abendländischen Denkens, Verlag T. Bautz, Nordhausen 2011.
  • G. Zaccaria, OIKONOMIA. Scienza e mondo nell’indizione della lingua, in: I. De Gennaro / S. Kazmierski / R. Lüfter (Hrsg.), Wirtliche Ökonomie. Philosophische und dichterische Quellen, Verlag T. Bautz, Nord-hausen 2013, S. 3-41.

Accomplished work:
Introductory workshop on 17-18 January 2014 in Milan
Workshop on 28-29 June 2014 in Merano
Workshop on 8-9 November 2014 in Merano